Motion Sensor

No. LS06WH

$   49.99

The LifeSmart Motion Sensor uses PIR induction technology to detect movement. After it dynamically detects motion, notifications will be sent to the users APP, or events will be triggered by smart linkage. Have lights come on when you get out of bed to go to the bathroom or when you arrive home. Get notified when your pet decides to eat or go somewhere they’re not supposed to. The system can be set to only detect human movement, which provides a sense of security to know if someone is moving around in your home. This highly adaptable and versatile smart device can be used to implement a multitude of functions when paired with other LifeSmart devices.

Size : 38*38*22.4mm
Wireless Distance : 200m (open filed)
Weight : 20g
Operating Humidity : 5 ~ 95%
Color : Ivory White
Operating Temperature : -5 ~ 45°C
Battery Type : CR2450
Operating Frequency : 433MHz GFSK
Standby time : 24 Months
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