Training Executive

Phnom Penh
Responsibilities :
Duty No. 1 Conduct of Training Needs Assessment (TNA) Done yearly or as instructed
  • Based on results of job performance evaluation and structured interviews, determines weak areas that may be satisfied by using training as an intervention;
  • Prepares TNA Scheme and instruments;
  • Gathers, tabulates, and evaluates data gathered;
  • Compares present TNA results with those of the previous one conducted; and
  • Prepares and submits TNA report.
Duty No. 2 Formulation of training design and materials development
  • Determines participants and sets behavioral training objectives
  • Develops course contents and determines the most appropriate methodologies to be used;
  • Prepares detailed schedule and contacts possible resource persons;
  • Proposes training budget;
  • Submits training proposal for approval;
  • Once approved, conducts library research for materials and references. Translates/adapts these to the level of the participants. Reproduce and package training kit, as required; and
  • Notifies participants, contracts caterer and prepares schedule of participants’ per diem for company-sponsored training.
Duty No. 3 Administration of in-house training programs
  • Conducts pre-training orientation and task-detailing workshop (for dry-run and delineation of topics/responsibilities);
  • Implements training course (for in-house);
  • Documents and evaluates proceedings;
  • Attends to training-related issues and concerns of the participants;
  • Conducts regular evaluation sessions with staff and resource persons while training is in progress;
  • Conducts post-training evaluation workshop; and
  • Prepares and submits training completion report.
Requirements :
  • Clear grasp and understanding of vision, mission, goals, objectives, policies and standard practices;
  • Minimum of 3 years experiences as trainer/training in a development-oriented institution;
  • Strong mentoring and communication skills (able to speak and write English);
  • Curriculum and materials development;
  • Bachelor in HRM and related field and or Master degree is preferred
  • Strong leadership and motivational skills;
  • Objectivity, sound judgement and problem-solving skills;
  • Strong planning and organizing skills;
  • Result-oriented;
  • Hard-working and able to work under pressure;
  • Report writing skills; and
  • Excellent team-player.
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