Support Engineer

PP, Bavet, SR, SHV
Responsibilities :
  • On phone, on site and remote support to customer mainly related to internet service
  • Assist troubleshoot networks, internet connectivity in the customer site or the company
  • Provide recommendation and suggestion to customer
  • Install, configure, and maintain internet connection, network cabling, and other related equipment, and devices, adds or upgrades hardware and software and configures wireless access point, router
  • with wireless and related equipment
  • Implement network security and provide technical support to customer, anti-virus updates, managing host security and other related PCs.
  • Configure e-mail client and provide technical support for our customer (Anti-Virus, Spam protection and scanning, and other related e-mail)
  • Keep track in ticket system
  • Maintain customer relationship
Requirements :
  • Bachelor degree of information technology or related field is required.
  • Technical knowledge and skills in setting up network and connectivity infrastructures and e-mail
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP, WAN, LAN, ADSL, DNS Networking, Cisco Router and Switch are advantage
  • Certified CCNA is a plus
  • Good English communication skills is a plus
  • Loyalty, honesty, patient work, positive attitude
  • Can work well under pressure
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