Blend Light Switch

NO.LS055WH, LS056WH, LS057WH

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The LifeSmart Blend Light Switch replaces your normal switches with an intelligent, Wireless capable device. Anything connected to a normal light switch can be updated to become a member of your new smart home. It functions as a normal light switch, but has the added benefit of being able to be controlled by the LifeSmart APP. Turn on the lights before you arrive home. Smart link a button to perform multiple actions at the touch of a finger. The possibilities are endless. The Blend Light Switch could also adjust the indicate light color as you wish, which make more possibility to your home convenience and beauty.

Size : 86*86*33mm
Wireless Distance : 400m (open field)
Weight : 140g
Operating Temperature : -5 ~ 45°C
Operating voltage : 220VAC
Operating Frequency : 433MHz GFSK
Electrostatic power consumption : No more than 1.5W
Maximum load : Resistive load for each circuit is 1000W with 400W inductive and capacitive loads (the maximum total resistive load for three circuits is 2500W).
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