Privacy Statements

1. Deposit

Customer is requested to pay a deposit as security on the Internet agreement, subscription and security deposit to secure on equipment. This deposit is refundable if the Customer fulfills its obligation under this general terms and conditions.

2. Payment

Customer shall pay their monthly charges by the due date as detailed on the invoice. Excess data charges (where applicable) shall be paid the following month. Checks shall be made payable to Cogetel Limited.
Payments made are not refundable.

3. Late Payment

Internet Home reserves the right to lock, or suspend internet access if payment is not made before the due date as detailed on the invoice. If Customer is having difficulties making payment, Customer is requested to contact our Customer Care team via 023 97 67 67 / 081 67 97 97. General terms and conditions remain enforceable for locked and suspended accounts.

4. Overdue payments and bad debts

In the event that the Customer has no willing to negotiate with Internet Home about the overdue payment and bad debts, 7 (seven) days after the account has been locked or suspended, Internet Home reserves the right to terminate that account unilaterally.

5. Installation

Internet Home is responsible for the installation of fiber optic up to the Internet Home’s equipment (modem or CPE equipment). The connection will be tested at this point. It is the Customer’s responsibility to configure computers and network equipment beyond the CPE demarcation point.

After signing this Agreement, Internet Home reserves the right to terminate the Agreement if the delay of the installation made by Customer is more than 3 (three) months starting from the date of signature “Delay Period”.

All payments made, including without limitation to deposit and prepayment of monthly fee, shall not be refunded; and Customer shall be responsible for any cost related to the installation which may incur prior to the termination.

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