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With the latest technology, ONLINE Data …

ONLINE Date Center is a physical location for housing a computer networks most important system such as security applications, backup power supplies and environmental control (fire suppressors, air conditioning, etc.). It is crucial that a data center maintains high standards like backup power, climate control, network infrastructure to ensure functionality and integrity.
Improve your productivity, accelerate change and enhance your business processes by using Online Data Center. This is an efficient IT strategy that will enable your business to respond to various trends in the industry for future changes to reduce costs of ownership by introducing innovative technology.
Email & collaboration, unified communication, video conferencing, Saas, CRMs, ERP.

(Colocation) With the latest technology, ONLINE Data Center serves services of Data-Collocation, which users can host their crucial data with high security. The users are allowed to upgrade space and connectivity as required.

(Recovery) Users can use ONLINE Data Center to secure their data by accepting Data-Recovery services. With latest technology and well-maintained infrastructure, ONLINE is confident to services with highest security to users’ data.

Core benefits:

  • The best solutions for Disaster Recovery site
  • Free local bandwidth
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Security System
  • Environmental control (fire suppressors, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Backup power supplies
  • Power Monitoring System
  • Less maintenance cost
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